87 Daigyoji 大行寺(だいぎょうじ)

Denomination:  Jodo (浄土宗)

Main Image:  Amida Nyorai (阿弥陀如来)

Location:  Heda, Numazu (沼津市戸田)

IMG_1149Daigyoji was originally founded in 1576 during the reign of Emperor Ogimachi in the Tenno era using the special prayer at its inception created by Honen Shonin, founder of the Pure Land School of Buddhism, Jodo-shu, “Namu Amida-Butsu.”IMG_1596The building which stands today was built in 1890. It was inherited by the head of the village making its appearance unique from other temples. It features a main hall which was made according to a traditional style of residential architecture.IMG_1600In the southeastern part of the temple grounds is a Kannon-do (outer temple building)
which contains a hidden life-size Kannon which was is said to come from the bottom of the ocean which today is only revealed to laypersons once every four years.IMG_1599

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