84 Hogenji 法眼寺(ほうげんじ)

Denomination:  Rinzai (臨済宗 建長寺派)

Main Image:  Shakamuni Hotoke (釈迦牟尼佛)

Location:  Nishi Izu-cho (西伊豆町仁科)

Hogenji began as a small temple with Shakamuni as its main image, as well as Amida
Nyorai and Yakushi Nyorai sometime in the early 1700s.


While on pilgrimage in the area, a monk came across Hogenji and found it and nearby 長平寺old and dilapidated, left for ruin.IMG_1448

He felt grief at the sight of the two temples in such disarray and made it his goal to revive them. He re-established both temples and merged them together into one, calling it Hogenji.


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