76 Josenji 浄泉寺(じょうせんじ)

Denomination:  Jodo (浄土宗)

Main Image:  Amida Nyorai (阿弥陀如来)

Location:  Matsuzaki-cho (松崎町)

Josenji was originally founded during the Muromachi period in the year 1414.


Housed in the main hall is Amida Sanzon (Amida Nyorai, flanked by Kannon Bosatsu and Dai Seishi Bosatsu), which according to ancient records are said to be the original works of the famous priest and sculptor, Gyoki.


The canopy above the main images displaying the heavens is the work of the famous painter from Izu, Chohachi. The carved wooden panels to the left and right sides of the
canopy are the work of Ishida Hanbe’e, which display 16 disciples of Buddha.


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