74 Eizenji 永禅寺(えいぜんじ)

Denomination:  Rinzai (臨済宗 建長寺派)

Main Image:  Shaka Nyorai (釈迦牟尼如来)

Location:  Matsuzaki-cho (松崎町)

IMG_1575Near the end of the Heian Period in 1167, the famous monk Mongaku Shonin established the Shingon denomination temple with Shaka Nyorai as its main image, giving it the name Eizenji. It was later converted to the Rinzai denomination.IMG_1129 IMG_1127The Shaka Nyorai main image is said to have been carved from the same tree as the main image in the Jodo sect temple Seiryoji in Kyoto. Originally carved from a chinaberry tree in India, the images were made their way from India to Japan, via China.IMG_1574 IMG_1131

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