61 Hosenji 法泉寺(ほうせんじ)

Denomination:  Soto (曹洞宗)

Main Image:  Dainichi Nyorai (大日如来)

Location:  Minami Izu-cho (南伊豆町)

The year Hosenji was founded is unknown. It was originally a small Shingon
denomination hermitage which was converted to Soto in 1662.


Currently there is no one living or presiding over the temple however I was lucky enough to stumble upon some local residents and members of the temple who happened to be paying a visit to the graves of their ancestors. They kindly allowed me to enter the main hall and take some photos.IMG_1548

The building appeared to be almost new in condition. When I inquired about this the caretaker told me that the old building had become dilapidated so using the abundant source of trees in the surrounding forest, carpenters rebuilt the main hall completely.

DSC_0172_019 DSC_0184_020

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