58 Shogenji 正眼寺 (しょうげんじ)

Denomination:  Rinzai (臨済宗)

Main Image:  Seikanzeon Bosatsu (正観世音菩薩)

Location:  Minami Izu-cho (南伊豆町)

IMG_1251Shogenji was originally founded in 1351 as part of the Rinzai denomination. Due to the ports’s ideal location, it became an important place for exchange with Edo. More than 80 ships were able to anchor in port. This lead to the prosperity of Irozaki as a port town, and as a result the prosperity of the nearby local temple Shugenji 守源寺.

Nearby, but further away from the port proper was Shogenji. Its proximity to the port in relation to Shugenji made it less popular amongst the local people. However in the Meiji Period in 1890, a disastrous fire all but destroyed Shugenji which at the time was charged with administration of port and marine affairs. It was decided that Shogenji would take over the duties and eventually absorbed the formerly prosperous Shugenji.

Roku Jizo in recessed rock

Roku Jizo in recessed rock

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