57 Seiryuji 青龍寺(せいりゅうじ)

Denomination:  Rinzai (臨済宗)

Main Image:  Kanzeon Bosatsu (如意輪観世音菩薩)

Location:  Minami Izu-cho, Kamo District (賀茂郡南伊豆町)

Seiryuji was founded in 1225, early in the Kamakura Period. Due to a disastrous fire in the early 1700s, detailed records of its founding and important historical events were completely destroyed. The main hall and living quarters which stand today were built in 1710 but were both completely rebuilt in 1970 due to dilapidation.

IMG_1050The temple houses many important treasures, one of which is a woodblock dating back
to the Edo Period, engraved by Hakuin Ekaku, one of the most influential figures in Japanese Zen Buddhism. The block contains an account of the Precious Mirror Cave of Amida, or Amida-kutsu (cavern) which is located amongst the rocky cliffs off the southern coast of Izu. Legend has it that in the cave the Amida triad of Amida Buddha and two attending Bodhisattvas appeared to local fishermen who had entered the cave. IMG_1052Hakuin is credited with reviving the Rinzai School of Buddhism and refocusing it on the traditional training methods and meditation that it was originally founded on. He was born and later put to rest in Hara, located in western Numazu. IMG_1053

Also kept in the temple are works of calligraphy written by Hakuin himself. IMG_1056

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