46 Beisanji 米山寺(べいさんじ)

Denomination:  Soto (曹洞宗)

Main Image:  Yakushi Nyorai (薬師如来)

Location:  Mitsukuri, Shimoda (下田市箕作)


While on his way from Joju-in in Kamakura to Hozo-in, number 81 on the pilgrimage, a
senior Shingon priest discovered the area and declared it sacred ground. In March of 1326, Hojo-in was established with a Kannon image from Joju-in as its main image.


For many years the temple remained without a head priest however sometime during the period of 1804-1817 the main hall was rebuilt and was converted to the Rinzai

IMG_0947 IMG_0946

45 Koyo-in 向陽院  Previous                                              Next  47 Ryumon-in 龍門院


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