38 Senpuku-ji 禅福寺(せんぷくじ)

Denomination:  Soto (曹洞宗)

Main Image:  Amida Nyorai (釈迦如来)

Location:  Shirahama, Shimoda (下田白浜) 

Main Hall

Main Hall

From the outset, Zenpukuji was originally a small monastery that was part of the
Shingon denomination where Kanzeon Bosatsu was enshrined as the main image.
After years of dilapidation, in the early Muromachi period, the name was changed to Zenkyo-in and became indoctrinated into the Soto denomination. Soon after, it was renovated and renamed Zenpukuji.tiffDSC_0805_2099

In the vicinity stands the oldest shrine on the Izu peninsula, Shirahama Shrine. During its renovation, the main object of worship in the shrine was temporairily removed and placed in Zenpukuji.

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