35 Seisokuji 栖足寺(せいそくじ)

Denomination:  Rinzai (臨済宗)

Main Image:  Amida Nyorai (阿弥陀如来)

Location:  Kawazu-cho, Kamo District (賀茂郡河津町谷津)

Main Hall

Main Hall

Seisokuji was originally founded in 1319 near the end of the Kamakura period. The present main hall took almost 5 years to build at the time, and in 1887 underwent


As legend has it, after planting rice in the surrounding areas, local farmers went to the river to clean the mud off their hands and feet, as well as the feet of their horses. To their shock they discovered a kappa had eaten their horses half to death. They went to the temple and notified the monk who then helped chase the kappa away, back into the river. In the middle of the night that same day, the monk heard a tapping noise on his shutters. He opened the shutters to find the kappa from earlier in the day standing with a bottle as an offering of his apology.

Shaka Nyorai

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