21 Ryutakuji 龍沢寺(りゅうたくじ)

Denomination:  Rinzai (臨済宗 妙心寺派)

Main Image:  Koyasu Kanzeon Jizo (子安観世音地蔵)

Location: Sawaji, Mishima (三島市沢地)

Originally founded by Kukai (Kobo Daishi) just before the Edo period, Ryutakuji was a
small simple hermitage. In 1760, Hakuin Ekaku, one of the most influential figures in Japanese Zen Buddhism, re-established the temple under the Myoshinji School of Rinzai. Through Hakuin’s influence Ryutakuji, as well as Zen Buddhism flourished seeing a re-focus on traditional rigorous training methods and deep meditation.

Main Hall

Main Hall

At the time of visiting Ryutakuji, monks and the temple were in solitude as during training and meditation practices visitors are not allowed on temple grounds. The busy shuffling of feet across the tatami and wooden floors during certain times of the day, as well as the chanting and meditation could be heard from beyond the temple gates.

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