19 Renkeiji 蓮馨寺(れんけいじ)

Denomination:  Jodo (浄土宗)

Main Image:  Amida Nyorai (阿弥陀如来)

Location: Hirokoji, Mishima (三島市広小路町)

The narrow approach to this Jodo denomination temple located in the center of Mishima
leads to a large staircase and the entrance to the main hall. To the east of the temple grounds is the famous Genpei river, known for its crystal clear runoff water from nearby Mt. Fuji, as well as its unique flora and wildlife such as the kingfisher. In recent years, a walking path on the river was completed which begins on the southern side of Rakujuen Park, and extends to the Sano Museum, with Renkeiji Temple as one of the attractions along the way.

IMG_0463Located to the right of the main hall is a building made by temple carpenters (宮大工)honouring Shotoku Taishi.

After passing through the main gate, on the immediate right is a grave containing part of the remains of Matsuo Basho, the famous Japanese haiku (then referred to as hokku)poet. Next to this is a Mizuko Jizo, where families pray for the protection of the souls of still born, miscarried and aborted babies.

Matsuo Basho Grave

IMG_0447Inside the Main Hall and to the right of the main image is a Higiri Jizo Son which is hidden from view due to its significant power. In the past, the Higiri Jizo had been opened only once a year for locals to celebrate and pay their respects. In recent years this tradition has not been continued however recently due to the efforts of neighbouring residents, it is now visible on the 23rd of every month.

IMG_044418 Sotoku-in  宗徳院  Previous                                              Next  20 Yotokoji  養徳寺


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