13 Hojoji 北條寺(ほうじょうじ)

Denomination:  Rinzai (臨才宗)

Main Image:  Kanzeon Bosatsu (観世音菩薩)

Location:  Minami Ema, Izunokuni (伊豆の国市南江間)

Main Hall

Main Hall

Hojoji is part of the Rinzai denomination and is located in Izunokuni City. It was founded by the son of the leader of the Hojo clan, a powerful family in the Kamakura Shogunate, Hojo Yoshitoki.

IMG_9078The main hall houses an Amida Nyorai statue that was deemed an important cultural asset in Shizuoka. Other important cultural assets such as an elaborately dressed and lacquered Kanzeon Bosatsu entirely made of wood. IMG_9081

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