11 Chogenji 長源寺(ちょうげんじ)

Denomination:  Soto (曹洞宗)

Main Image:  Shakyamuni Hotoke (釈迦牟尼仏)

Location:  Naka, Izunokuni (伊豆の国市中)

Due to its originally inconvenient and difficult to reach location, in the 40th year of the Showa Period (1965), Chogenji was relocated and reconstructed at its present location in Izunokuni City.

Main Hall

Main Hall

Details behind the founding of this temple are not well known as there are no records available, however it is known that it used to be of the Shingon denomination. Today is it a Soto temple.


Within the temple grounds there is a shrine to a Toilet God, Kawaya no Kami (便所の神様). Many locals apparently visit the shrine during an annual festival. Some say that in olden days, toilets were dark places and there was a real fear of falling in and drowning in the dirtiest of places. Others contend that protecting the Toilet God keeps them free of a variety of ailments and diseases.

Temple members who have completed the Izu Pilgrimage

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