7 Senryuji 泉龍寺(せんりゅうじ)

Denomination:  Soto (曹洞宗)

Main Image:  Seikanzeon Bosatsu (聖観世音菩薩)

Location:  Horigiri, Izu City (伊豆市堀切)


Senryuji is a Soto Temple located in Shuzenji. Enshrined in the main hall is Seikanzeon Bosatsu. To the left of the main hall, a very rare reclining Shaka Nyorai can be seen in the Hall of Nirvana.

Double DragonOriginally named Gyokusenji, this temple was founded in 1500 during the Muromachi Period, belonging to the Shingon denomination, and remained so for 160 years until 1667, when it was reconstructed and became a Soto temple.

Shaka Nyorai, Hall of Nirvana

Shaka Nyorai, Hall of Nirvana

During Edo Period in 1751, a massive flood struck the area, forcing the temple to move to safer ground, away from a nearby river. The present main hall was constructed in the 33rd year of the Showa period (1958).

Bussokuseki--The footprints of Buddha

Bussokuseki–The footprints of Buddha

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