6 Kongoji 金剛寺(こんごうじ)

Denomination:  Shingon (真言宗)

Main Image:  Dainichi Nyorai (大日如来)

Location:  Ozawa, Izu City (伊豆市大沢)

This Shingon Sect temple is located in the Ozawa District of Shuzenji. Built in the Tenbun Era (1532-1555) of the Muromachi Period, records and other important documents about past head priests and other important documents about the temple have been lost, therefore the history of Kongoji is unknown.Main Hall

The main hall is the only structure on the small temple grounds, and attached to it is a very old wooden house. Housed in the main hall is Dainichi Nyorai, the central deity in the Shingon Sect.

IMG_0195A very precious artefact from the 22nd year of the Meiji Era (1889) remains
intact however. This is a wood block with the names of the 88 temples of the Izu Pilgrimage carved into it, made for the purpose of printing the order of the temples for prospective pilgrims.IMG_0190


The woman at the temple was unsure of how old they were but recalled them being passed down through her family. She explained that she had been asked on several occasions to display the blocks in museums, or allow universities to date the artefacts but it was just too troublesome for her. She was content in the fact that she would continue the tradition in her family and pass them on to the next generation.


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