10 Zoshun-in 蔵春院(ぞうしゅんいん)

Denomination: Soto (曹洞宗)

Main Image:  Shakyamuni (釈迦牟尼仏)

Location:  Takyo, Izunokuni (伊豆の国市田京)

Founded in the Muromachi period in 1437, Zoshun-in is a Soto denomination temple which is located in the Takyo District of Izunokuni.

The main gate/bell tower

The Main Hall

Legend has it that an evil dragon who brought upon torrential rains during the building of the temple prevented it from being completed. Staying at a nearby temple in the area, … was asked to aid in preventing the dragon from causing more harm and fear. In an effort to help, … began an all night prayer session and used his powers of persuasion. The dragon experienced a religious awakening. It buried itself deep in the ground so as not to be of disturbance to the local people, and the temple was completed shortly thereafter.

ShakanyoraiThe building which stands today as the main hall was erected in 1977.

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